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RPG Maker

RPG Maker, to me, is simply about telling stories. From legends of brave knights rescuing princesses, to homages to your favourite childhood game, or favourite cancelled TV show (I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t thought to make a Firefly RPG), to transporting your players to the far future, where you tell a story of lawless robots and space pirates, RPG Maker is a tool that allows you to tell  stories and create experiences. With something this open, what you are capable of is only limited by your imagination, creativity, and passion.

There is also a great sense of community as different people with different skillsets teach one another new things, and even combine their skills, which can result in a game that is the work of many people from all across the world.

“Examples of some mapping in RMXP and RMVX, is currently the banner of this RPG Maker game review blog.”

What RPG Maker means to me is the opportunity to easily create a fun experience of exploring a vast world, playing through a gripping story, solving challenging puzzles, and battling the fiercest of monsters. Using resources that I have made, combined with those made by others, I hope to create something that is really cool. RPG Maker allows me and everyone else to do all of this really awesome stuff. That’s what makes it so great.

I wouldn’t call myself a game designer, I don’t study game design at university or anything like that, I just like to tell stories and I really think RPG Maker is a great platform for doing that.

Make Your Own Game

“The sky shines bright blue above the verdant Eskir Valley. Many travellers pass through here on their journeys across the continent.”


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