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This RPG Maker 2003 game demo is a Final Fantasy fangame. The game starts the choice between two difficulty levels, I pick Normal (rather than Hard). The game utilises Final Fantasy music and place names, and the story is based around five elemental crystals. Also, the gameplay feels at time like you’re playing a lost early Final Fantasy game. There are a few spelling and grammar errors, but nothing too distracting. The game starts with a dragoon called Darius who is acting up, he seems to want power and is jealous of those of higher rank to him. The player controls two dragoons, Vahn and Hans, who beat Darius in a battle. Darius swears that he’ll become powerful. The party is then sent on a mission to investigate the Crystal of Water, which has been attracting foreign monsters. The mapping is not too bad, but it’s not something you’ll remember the game for, there can be a overuse of things like pots in villages and houses. The world map though is very nicely done. The ATB battles tend to just consist of hitting attack over and over again, even for the first few bosses. Your attacks often result in “NoEffect” and thus cause no damage for that turn, this can quickly become frustrating. This makes fighting bombs utterly pointless as they usually explode before you kill them. The two characters MP is so low that you find yourself never using skills. The slow walk speed is also frustrating.

“In case you didn’t know, he’s the bad guy.”

After killing the boss at the Crystal of Water, and heading back to the castle, you fight Darius again who has now learnt black magic. After you defeat Darius, the king says that you should get a black mage to join our party. I don’t really understand why, as we just beat Darius easily using physical attacks only. I see that you can upgrade weapons and armour using drops from monsters. As great as this is, a blacksmith I spoke to just told me I didn’t have the items I needed for the upgrade, but didn’t tell me what I needed. The mage is sick and he needs a dragon scale. One of my characters suggests to look in a cave near the castle, I have no idea why he suggested this, but we’ll go with it. Inside dungeons the encounter rate is very high, and it can make you question whether you want to go out of your way for a potion from a treasure chest. Killed a lizard, killed the dragon, got the scale. As a side-note, the available side-quests are well worth doing for the rewards. The mage has joined the party and we begin the search for a girl in a dungeon. I noticed that sometimes in a dungeon, the battle screen will be like you’re fighting in grasslands. The dungeon takes a while, but we manage to rescue the girl. After, the mage gets cured by the dragon scale. The effect apparently takes effect immediately, so I’m not sure why he didn’t just get injected with it before the dungeon. Nonetheless, the mage suggests that we purify Darius, but for that we need a white mage. We are given access to a dungeon full of chests, there is an enemy called Gravestone. Only magical attacks seem to work against it, in a fight against two of them, my mage runs out of MP, so I have to run away. With the lack of MP, there’s nothing I can do. The mage can cast 7-11 spells and that’s it, before he runs out of MP. You can’t purchase ethers, so you’ll end up just attacking with your mage too.

Back at the castle, we talk about finding a white mage. One of the dragoon’s leaves the party, and another one joins. I should point out that elemental weaknesses seem completely random. So there’s a process of trial and error with each new monster you encounter, where you have to remember the seemingly random weakness. I’m supposed to go to Trei Catacombs, but I have no idea where in Trei it is, so I stop playing.

Overall, there is a clear storyline, but it feels a little weak to me.  The gameplay also feels weak with very frequent encounters, random elemental weaknesses and boring fights where you just hit attack over and over. It should be noted though, that despite all of my criticism, that this is one of the better Final Fantasy fangames. **

“This error occurred when Vicks was about to use his special normal attack.”

(The comments below refer to me getting stuck at a previous point in the game, due to map being blocked off)


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This Rpg Maker 2003 game demo opens with a Mega Man X title screen, but I’m not sure why, I guess it would make this a fan game though. Opening a handy treasure chest says I’ve obtained a new item, which turns out to be 55 potions. You can open the chest again and again, so I’m up to 99 potions.

Other highlights include MIKE JOINING THE PARTY. Yes, he join in capitals. All the usual problems are present, such as,  poor mapping, awful spelling and grammar and a horse on the map turns out to be a cyclops with a boulder. This cyclops seems to have the default level of health, as it’s taking me quite a while to kill him. It’s worth it though, as the reward is 14,000 experience and 18,000 gold. Me and MIKE have now gone from level one to level six, which is nice, I suppose. I had to go through the fight again so that I could get a screenshot, so we’re now both level nine. I believe I’m looking for someone in a forest, however after two map transitions, I can’t go forwards any more. Rating? Zero.

“If it looks like a horse, and smells like a horse… it’s probably not a horse.”

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